Perusahaan Makanan Dwi Makmur Sdn Bhd

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Yap Sok Koon


Chief Executive Officer


No. A77 - A80, Jalan
Taman Rimba, Taman Rimba,
28400 Mentakab,
Pahang Darul Makmur

No. A77 - A80, Jalan Taman Rimba, Taman Rimba,
28400 Mentakab, Pahang Darul Makmur


Perusahaan Makanan Dwi Makmur Sdn. Bhd.
was incorporated on 9 January 2003 in Malaysia. Dwi Makmur's business includes manufacturing and retail of dry food products and groceries. The company is a private limited company. Dwi Makmur is a company that carries out the process of packaging and production of dry food, to be supplied to retail chain customers. The main products are spices, dried foods, bakery ingredients and salted fish.

Dwi Makmur’s Vision is to be one of the largest food ingredients supplier in Malaysia.

The company’s Mission is to provide the best cooking ingredients that complement the tastes of the local community, certified halal status and safe with the highest quality.


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Dwi Makmur has been awarded MESTI Certification. The products are marketed through retail chains and online platforms such as Shoppe, Lazada, Alibaba, Facebook and Shopline. Through good marketing strategies and planning, Dwi Makmur is confident of continued growth and be resilient to challenges, including the COVID-19 pandemic. The company’s annual sales have reached up to RM18 million via 1000 retail chains throughout Malaysia including the Aeon Group, Billion Group and TF Group. With encouraging rapid and steady growth, Dwi Makmur believes its products will be a top choice among customers in the future.

Dwi Makmur is also actively involved in charity events such as food banks during the COVID-19 pandemic, blood donations and relief work for flood victims. A substantial fund has been set up towards this mission. Currently, Dwi Makmur’s products are mainly found in the local market, but the company hopes to penetrate the international market soon, especially the growing ecommerce and online market.