Triple H Construction & Engineering Sdn Bhd

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Managing Director

Jimmy Chua Woon Chee


Eunice Ong Pui Pui


8, Jalan Sawi 1/1,
Taman Seri Senai,
81400 Senai Johor

8, Jalan Sawi 1/1, Taman Seri Senai, 81400 Senai Johor


Triple H Construction & Engineering Sdn. Bhd. is a construction company set up by Jimmy Chua. It was established in 2008 with the aim of providing the finest workmanship and quality building to customer, focusing in constructing commercial buildings and factory lots. Since then, Triple H Construction has extended its service by providing extension, major repairs and maintenance works. Jimmy’s philosophy is to provide value with quality products and services and instilling Triple H – High Quality, High Consistency, High Value as the driving factors to achieve its Vision of being the most Trusted C2ustomized Factory Builder in Malaysia.

Triple H is CIDB G7 certified and has more than 100 certified workers on site that are well trained in their expertise and in-house professional construction team including quantity surveyors, consultants, architects, purchasers, engineers, coordinators and project managers. Triple H Construction’s emphasis on quality materials and timely delivery has won it long-term relations with suppliers and business partners. Triple H has achieved more than RM 182.7 million in revenue and is on target to achieve its next milestone of RM 200 million.


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Triple H’s concept is simple — We design & build or You design we build. Triple H’s services continue after the project’s completion. The company provides extension and renovation for commercial and factory lots according to their business operation needs.

Triple H’s Vision is to place priority on workmanship excellence and in achieving customer satisfaction. The company believes that customer relations are built to last. Triple H aims to be the most Trusted Customised Factory Builder in Malaysia.

Triple H’s Mission is to invest in the right people and consistently deliver quality by improving mindset and skills. The company will also continue to embrace innovations, ensure on time delivery and low defect rate and improve & enhance post project service to maintain relationship with customers.