Impartial And Transparent

What sets bona-fide awards from others are the judging process. Golden Bull Award has adopted a stringent process right from the beginning in 2003, which continues to be copied and adopted by many similar programmes. As the industry benchmark, we take pride in continuously innovating to become even more impartial and transparent, so only the best take home the Golden Bull Award.


Judging Process

Qualification Criteria


SMEs with an annual sales turnover below SGD500K

Maximum Number Of Winners: 20


SMEs with an annual turnover of SGD500K and above and up to SGD100 million in the last 3 financial years. For service sector, the maximum sales turnover is SGD50 million in the last 3 financial years.

SMEs from the manufacturing sectors – no more than 150 full time employees.

SMEs from the services and trading sectors – not more than 50 employees.

Maximum Number Of Winners: 100


Businesses (SMEs and corporates) with an annual sales turnover of SGD100 million and above (SGD50 million and above for service sector) in the last three financial years.

The number of winners will be based upon the performance of the nominated entries. Where there are no deserving companies in this category, there will be no winners.

Maximum Number Of Winners: 10

Exclusive Benefits