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CEO/Director’s Name

Steve Goh Kok E



Company Address

No 1,
Jalan Perda Jaya
Kawasan Perniagaan Perda Jaya
14000 Bukit Mertajam,
Pulau Pinang

No 1, Jalan Perda Jaya Kawasan Perniagaan Perda Jaya 14000 Bukit Mertajam, Pulau Pinang


Chicken Claypot House: Delivering Unique Claypot and Hotpot Dining Experience

In the bustling landscape of Malaysia's food and beverage industry, one name stands out for its exceptional culinary offerings and innovative dining experience: Chicken Claypot House. Founded by brothers Johnny and Steve Goh, who have over 15 years of expertise in the F&B sector, Chicken Claypot House has quickly become a favourite among locals and tourists alike.

At the heart of Chicken Claypot House lies their signature dish, the Special Taste Chicken Claypot. It embodies the perfect fusion of Sichuan cuisine and Hong Kong's claypot traditions, adapted to suit the discerning Malaysian palate. But what truly sets this dish apart is the use of premium poultry, the Village Chicken or Ayam Kampung, renowned for its tenderness and aromatic qualities. This attention to detail and commitment to quality ingredients is what keeps customers coming back for more. What makes Chicken Claypot House truly unique is its innovative dining concept. While many establishments offer either hot pot or claypot dishes, Chicken Claypot House seamlessly combines both experiences into one.

With a strong focus on expansion, Chicken Claypot House has achieved remarkable success since its establishment in 2015. Currently, the company boasts an impressive network of 24 outlets throughout Malaysia, with an overseas branch in Jakarta. This growth is a testament to their exceptional leadership and company values, which prioritize Quality, Service, Cleanliness, and Value (QSCV). Moreover, the unwavering support from a loyal customer base has played a pivotal role in their journey.

Looking ahead, Chicken Claypot House has ambitious plans to further expand its footprint. In the short term, they aim to reach 30 outlets across Malaysia. Simultaneously, they are actively exploring opportunities for international expansion, with Thailand, Singapore, and Australia being the first targets on their list. Ultimately, their long-term goal is to become a publicly listed company, establishing themselves as a leading force in the F&B industry.

Receiving the prestigious Golden Bull Award is a true testament to Chicken Claypot House's dedication to culinary excellence, innovation and strategic growth. The award recognizes their commitment to delivering a unique fusion experience to customers while maintaining the highest standards of quality. It is a testament to the hard work, vision, and unwavering passion of the entire team. With a solid foundation built on culinary expertise, strategic growth plans, and an unwavering commitment to customer satisfaction, Chicken Claypot House is poised to continue its journey of success and reshape the culinary landscape of the nation.