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Jazzon Kum Kim Heng



Company Address

No.9-1, Jalan Flora 2/2,
Bandar Rimbayu,
42500 Telok Panglima Garang,

No.9-1, Jalan Flora 2/2, Bandar Rimbayu, 42500 Telok Panglima Garang, Selangor

Welbuilder Construction Sdn. Bhd., as its name goes, is a construction company mainly involved in earthwork and other civil engineering works. The company was established in 2015 and started business in 2017. Within six years, including two years of the Movement Control Order, the company has been growing rapidly into a sizeable earthwork contractor in terms of annual turnover, experienced staff and number of machineries. Welbuilder has built excellent track records with some reputable developers.

Construction Industries is influenced by different market sentiments such as government policies for infrastructure projects, economic condition and property market trends. Welbuilder Construction’s long term goals incorporates five key areas.

Market Expansion – It aims to expand business by participating in more government projects directly or indirectly. Apart from its core business, the company is also planning to diversify into mining business, as it is similar to the company’s work scope.

Maintain High Level of Service – It aims to provide high quality work while achieving sustainable growth and maximizing profitability. This can be achieved with holistic and complete combination of management team, experienced site personnel and sufficient machineries.

Improve Efficiency With Technology – While the company is investing into more new machineries to improve efficiencies and at the same time lower the fuel consumption, it is also adapting new technology to maximize the productivity and profitability

Talent Development – The company is implementing a comprehensive training and development program to enhance skills and competencies of employees at all levels. Merger and Acquisition – M&A provides opportunities to speed up market expansion as well as create synergies by combining the strengths of two companies.

Welbuilder Construction has been growing robustly since the start of its business in 2017. The company has weathered the challenging years and continued growing and revenue has increased more than 150% from the last financial year.