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CEO/Director’s Name

Yeoh Chong Beng



Company Address

No 1566,
Lorong IKS Simpang Ampat,
Taman IKS Simpang Ampat,
14100, SPS, Penang, Malaysia

No 1566, Lorong IKS Simpang Ampat, Taman IKS Simpang Ampat, 14100, SPS, Penang, Malaysia


Established in 1979, Khean Seng Engineering Sdn. Bhd. is a leading G7 registered structural steel company based in Penang, Malaysia. The factory in Simpang Ampat compromised over 160,000 square feet of fully covered production area, with a production output of 800-1200 metric tons per month, earning it the reputation as the largest steel fabricators in the northern region. The company specializes in a range of steel construction works for various structures, including small, medium and large factory constructions, plants, towers, platforms, bridges, pipe racks and utility platforms.

In recent years, Khean Seng has undertaken noteworthy projects such as constructing stations, walkways and platforms for a mass rapid (MRT) system in Kuala Lumpur and constructing steelworks for the award winning Panaroma Bridge in Langkawi. To be recognised as one of the nation’s leading structural steel companies and steel fabricators requires unrivalled vision, innovation and execution. Thus, Khean Seng constantly reviews, studies and invests in the latest manufacturing technologies or machinery available in the market to better meet the needs of customers. With over 40 years of experience in the industry, coupled with a competent team of experienced leaders, highly skilled welders and fitters, and a fully-equipped factory, the company has gained the trust and recognition of clients and the industry.

Khean Seng’s mission is to create a legacy for customers through meticulous planning, high-quality end products and efficient completion. All at reasonable costs!

Khean Seng’s vision is to become a visionary and people-oriented company that keeps abreast of global development trends. The company aspires to be an international market leader that embraces innovation and promotes a green environment.

Thank you for the team for placing absolute trust in me and believing that I can lead the company towards greater heights. The market is always a reality, and its cruellest fact is ‘ evolve or to be left behind’. Therefore I hope the team will keep pace with the times and move forward together. I am also very grateful for the customer’s support over the years. In the future, we promise to continue providing excellent service and living up to everyone’s trust in us.

Yeoh Ee Seong, Managing Director
Khean Seng guarantees professional and comprehensive engineering planning consultation. The company’s hallmarks include excellent quality control, accurate and effective solutions, scheduled delivery and reliable after-sales service. Khean Seng has over 44 years of experience in the industry and embraces cost effectiveness and prudent spending. The company uses cutting edge technologies to promote production efficiency and champion carbon reduction. Khean Seng is people oriented and employee-friendly and conducts Responsible Business Alliance (RBA) and strives to achieve zero waste and promote a green environment.